Per Andreas Vogt: The Trip Around the North Atlantic 2012-Apr-25

On the 25th of April NLCC had a special guest for its members – Per Andreas Vogt is known as the „founding father“ of „Lindorff Support Services“, (Now Mirror Support Services) „Evoco“ and „Storebrand Baltic“. During this event he presented his passion – sailing and how this life changing experience changed his life.

His trip around the North Atlantic went down the coasts of Europe, Canary and Cape Verde Islands before he set across the Atlantic to the Caribbean Islands. After the sailing of the United States coast and Canada, he set off to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the coast of Labrador. Later he crossed waters of Greenland, Iceland and other parts of Northern Atlantic before he sailed back to Norway.  

Per Andreas Vogt presented many pictures of the trip, which ranged from beautiful beaches and waters of the Caribbean to the icebergs of Greenland. There was a big contrast seen between the different cultures that Per Andreas visited and with his interesting and involving story about every picture shown, all of the guests showed keen interest in the story as well as involvement in the question & answer session.

To conclude, Per Andreas Vogt said that this was a life-changing experience and had a major impact on his life. He showed a great example to everyone of desire and ambition that everyone should learn from.

NLCC would like to Thank all of the attendants and especially Per Andreas Vogt for creating a warm and cozy Wednesday evening for NLCC Members and guests. 

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