Norwegian-Lithuanian Career Day and Business Day at ISM

On May 10, the International School of Management (ISM) hosted two Norwegian Days events: a Norwegian-Lithuanian Career Day for students and a Business Day. Both events were organised in co-operation with the Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian Embassy.

At the Career Day students were introduced to different aspects of Norwegian business in Lithuania. The Rector of ISM, Nerijus Pačėsa, opened the career day, and Šarūnas Radvilačius gave an interesting account of his own personal experience of working with Norway. Several our member companies gave presentations for the students:: Mirror Support Services, DNB, Inova Baltic, Storebrand Baltic, Scandinavian Accounting Consulting and LitCapital. Afterwards the students had an opportunity to meet representatives of the companies and talk to them. 

Rector of ISM Nerijus Pačėsa and Norwegian Ambassador Leif Arne Ulland opened the Norwegian-Lithuanian Business Day. In Pačėsa’s words, we live in a time of very rapid changes and there is no longer a “correct” way of doing things. In business life one of the big challenges is to create something that is interesting to the customer. The art of business cannot be based on one way communication. Ambassador Ulland pointed out that never before has there been as much trade, tourism and investments between Norway and Lithuania as today. Norwegian companies are present at many different fields. Ulland encouraged companies to use the competence available, such as NLCC, Innovation Norway and ISM, to further widen the cooperation between our countries. Furthermore, he encouraged the companies present in Lithuania to be businessworthy – to connect to the society which they were part of.

 The opening speeches were followed by a diverse program. Jekaterina Rojaka from DNB presented an analysis of economic developments and trends in the Lithuanian-Scandinavian trade relations. The audience of 150 persons then benefited from listening to the presentation of Dalius Kaveckas of successful Norwegian Lithuanian business stories and practices and thoughts on doing business in Lithuania. Harry Starren, former CEO of Baak (Netherlands) and expert on Leadership and Entrepeneurship, gave an inspiring speech, where he demonstrated that we must rely on each other’s experiences in order to reach innovation: We must get connected, and make the irrelevant relevant.

 During lunch break, a surprise performance of the Norwegian boys’ choir Sølvguttene sounded lovely in the beautiful outdoor space of ISM. Although this performance was something quite different from the conference inside, one could not but think of a link to what Starren talked about – innovation is about making the irrelevant relevant.

 After lunch, the conference continued with several workshops prepared by Scandinavian Accounting and Nets. The successful business day at ISM was completed with a great concert in the evening at the State Philharmonic Society in the company of Drammen Symphony Orchestra and Norway’s and Lithuania’s great Boys’ Choirs “Sølvguttene” and  “Ąžuoliukas”.

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