International Christmas Charity Bazaar 2014

NLCC together with Norwegian Embassy had joined the International Christmas Charity Bazaar arranged by International Women's Association and represented Norwegian Stand.

Together with Swedes, Danes and Finnish, Norwegian team also joined Nordic Food Kiosk outside.

At our Norwegian stand we have collected this year: 7867.92

At our Nordic food kiosk we have collected: 5212.71

The total amount of money raised by ICCB 2014 was: 260 370 litas

Special thanks for supporting this initiative: Norwegian Embassy, Norian Accounting, Devold, Swix, Axellus, Trolls, Robert Leite, Bjørnar and Elena Lund.

Special and big thanks to Jurate Vasiljeviene, Norwegian Embassy Chef, for her patients and contribute hosting baking evening at Norwegian Embassy residence, and all who had gathered that evening.

Special thanks to our  Team at the stand and kiosk outside:
Rita and Deimante Boguzaite, Cecillie Hauglund,Hans Jørgen Teigen,Lina Maroščikienė with Gustė and Miglė, Zita Ambrutytė with Eikintas, Aiste Mudėnaitė  and Vladas Verkelis. 

Allso thanks to all the Norwegians and Lithuanians who visited Norwegian stand and Nordic Food kiosk that day!

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