Faarikaal feast 2013

On the 15th of November NLCC together with Norwegian Club in Lithuania had arranged traditional Norwegian Fårikål feast at Old Green House Restaurant in Vilnius.
The event has brought a great pattern for businessmen from both countries to get together in a less formal environment. 
With a supervision of Norwegian Club leader Stein Erik Streitlien and NLCC board Member Ulf Hallan the Får (lamb meat) and kål (cabbage) was prepared in correct Norwegian way and tasted as it should.
After great meal all had possibility to hear the fantastic voice of Stein Skjervold, while he was performing evening themed songs. Later on Lithuanian folk group "Sutaras" had performed and made all to leave their seats and dance..

NLCC and DNK would like to thank all the participants, our great toastmaster of the event -Per Skisaker and mostly the sponsors: Lido Marine, Schage, Inova Experts and Proprint

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