Business trip to Kaunas FEZ

On the 6th of July members and guests of Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Chambers of Commerce had formed a pleasant group - Kaunas Free Economic Zone, near Kaunas Kaunas International Airport and later on celebrate Swedish National day by watching modern dance performances in Kaunas Drama Theater.  

Our tour started by hearing presentation about Kaunas Free Economic zone made by General manager Vytautas Petruzis where we not only heard. It was nice to hear that Kaunas FEZ has great and bright future plans and since we had visited them two years ago had significantly grown: The size of the FEZ is breathtaking, the goals and plans are the same. Nice to see that more and more international and local companies entering FEZ. After the presentation we had an opportunity to visit one of those successfully making business there. Ryterna is a garage doors and systems manufacturer and we had a chance to see take a sneak peek into the factory where all the parts of garage doors are assembled. Later on we heard the informative presentation and success story of  local pharmaceutical factory Aconitum. Last visiting point but not the least was FEZ neighbor and ccoperation partner Kaunas International Airport.  We heard an informative presentation about its new projects and future vision made by acting general manager Jurate Baltrusaityte.

 After an intense day we enjoyed modern dance performances in Kaunas Drama Theater and  shared the joy with Swedish Embassy celebrating National day of Sweden. According our members it was very intense, informative and full of events day.

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