Business Trip to Belarus 2012-May-25/26

On May 25th to 26th European Humanity University and Nordic Chambers visited Belarus on a business mission to understand the business culture and the opportunities of this country. This business trip is the second part of the event Positioning for Changes in Belarus, which happened on 31st of January, 2012. 25 participants registered to the trip and had a unique experience to visit Minsk and  also other historic towns in Belarus: Nesvizh and Mir. 

The trip began with delegates visiting JSC Lidskoe Pivo in Lida. Lida Beer is owned by a Finnish company Olvi. The director of this firm gave a presentation about doing business in Belarus during Positioning for changes in Belarus event and today delegates saw the company’s daily operations and how an investment of a Scandinavian company in Belarus is developing.

Later everyone visited Joint-Stock Bank of Reconversion and Development (RDB-Bank)  and  had meeting with Mr V. Tsybulin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of retail business department. The bank specializes in services to small and medium businesses and lending to individuals. The largest shareholders of the Bank are: the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has 25% of shares, the German Investment and Development Company (DEG) has 15%. Belarusian resident companies have 60% of RDB Bank’s shares.

Later everyone visited a software development company - System Technologies (ST Group). This was a chance for delegates of the business mission to see the IT industry in Belarus, it’s perspectives from “first – hand” source of experienced businessmen. 

The trip also consisted of a welcoming dinner with Belarusian businessmen, students and graduates of EHU Center of Business Education, where everyone had a chance to socialize and discuss relevant business topics in Belarus. 

Next day participants had presentation by Maksimas Saveljevas, Managing Associate, law offices RAIDLA LEJINS & NORCOUS followed by Valentin Galich, Partner, Legal Group "VERDICT.BY" LLC on doing business in Belarus: opportunities, distinction and peculiarities.

Olga Nadtochaeva Head of the Recruitment department Consulting group "Zdes i Sejchas",Minsk, Member of "Friisberg & Partners International" made a presentation about Labor market in Belarus.

Later on delegates visited small town of Nesvizh founded in the 13th century. Nesvizh is a home to the 16th century Renaissance Radzivill family castle and park, the former residence of the ancient Belarusian-Lithuanian family of Prince Radzivill. And the last stop was in Mir castle which  has a long history of political and cultural confrontation, coalescence and is graphically represented in the form and appearance of the ensemble.

According to the participants, the trip turned out to be very successful. Delegates had a unique opportunity to understand business opportunities and business culture in Belarus. Furthermore, understanding of people and culture of Belarus through a cultural experience wrapped the overall image of this country, which sometimes is overseen and ignored by the common eye. 

NLCC wants to give a warm thank you to everyone that participated in the trip and helped to create better relations and communication with Lithuania’s neighbouring country. We are pleased to hear that everyone enjoyed the trip and found it not only  informative but also entertaining. 

Presentations of seminars and events given during the trip can be found here

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