The non profit association - the Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (NLCC) - arose out of the initiative of a few business people who had met one midsummer evening in 2008 at Thor Tinglum’s house. 

On 3rd February 2009, the Norwegian Ambassador held a meeting for the Norwegian business community in Lithuania to further discuss this idea. The meeting concluded on a happy note that NLCC needs to be established without delay. The decision was made by concensus that NLCC should be a viable service institution for Norwegian and Lithuanian companies. 

The main goal of establishing the NLCC was to organize events and seminars for the Norwegian businesses. Furthermore, NLCC would have to unite all Norwegian businesses present in Lithuania, where they could gather, interact, collaborate, build contacts, search for partners and do business together. 

After a few busy weeks since the meeting in February, the 6th of March, 2009 was noted as the founding day of the NLCC, when the interim board of NLCC met at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Vilnius and signed the founding papers of the Chamber. 

The NLCC Founders are: Ulf Hallan, Kjetil Hanssen, Gunnvald Laukhammer, Nils-Kristian Midtveit, Per Skisaker, Thor Tinglum, and Vytautas Valaitis. 

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